Brief Introduction

Affiliated with Research Center for Aerospace Mechanism and Control at Harbin Institute of Technology, AMT (Aerospace Mechanism Testing) laboratory is aimed at cultivating engineering-oriented talents for the aerospace industry. Both academic research and engineering implementation are conducted with regard to in-orbit and on-ground testing for the aerospace mechanism. Research interests cover piezo mechanism for space application, Mars UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), and SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) sensor.

Latest News


ID: NEWS2018-No.3 Time: June 29, 2018 Place: Harbin, China Event: Xin Yang, Tingting Yang and Aimaiti Bulading, the undergraduates of Aerospace Mechanism Testing Laboratory (AMT), worked hard and managed to pass their thesis defenses. Xi Yang finished his  thesis titled “Research on transducer driving characteristics of a percussive ultrasonic driller” and will join Midea of China in August 2018, Tingting Yang finished her thesis titled “Analysis of aerodynamic characteristics and experimental study on the trapezoidal blade of Mars […]

04 Jul 18 Pengyue Zhao

He Li’s PhD graduation

ID: NEWS2018-No.2 Time: March 24, 2018 Place: Harbin, China Event: He Li, a member of the AMT, has been awarded the Ph.D. successfully. The title of his dissertation is “Study on characteristics of ultrasonic levitating bearings with the capability of carrying radial and axial loads”. During the period of pursuing the Ph.D., he has published several papers in journals and international conferences, such as Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and […]

09 Apr 18 Pengyue Zhao

AE for IROS 2018

ID: NEWS2018-No.1 Time: February 1, 2018 Place: Harbin, China Event: Invited by Prof. Shugen Ma, Dr. Quan will serve as an associate editor for the IROS 2018, which will be held in Madrid, the capital city of Spain. He will handle the manuscripts with the keywords such as Biologically-Inspired Robots, Compliant Joint/Mechanism, Mechanism Design, and Underactuated Robots. The information about the host city is listed as follows, cited from the official website of the IROS […]

01 Feb 18 Qiquan Quan

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10 Jan 18 Pengyue Zhao


ID: NEWS2017-No.9 Time: December 29, 2017 Place: Harbin, China Event: At two o’clock in the afternoon, AMT laboratory held the 2017 year-end party on time. Firstly everyone reviewed and summed up his or her achievements in 2017, and talked about his or her plan of 2018. Then the best photo of the 2017 Photography Contest was elected by secret ballot. After two rounds of competition, Mr. Pengyue Zhao won the best photo award and a bonus of […]

05 Jan 18 Deen Bai

Prof. Zdravko Terze’s visit

ID: NEWS2017-No.8 Time: December 12 to 18, 2017 Place: Harbin, China Event: Prof. Zdravko Terze and Mr. Viktor Pandza paid a visit to Research Center for Aerospace Mechanism and Control at Harbin Institute of Technology, China and exchanged on the issue of scientific cooperation with Prof. Zongquan Deng and Dr. Qiquan Quan. He gave two talks on “Multibody System Dynamics/time Integration” and “Mechanical System on Lie Group”, respectively. Dr. Quan signed a collaboration research agreement […]

20 Dec 17 Deen Bai


ID: NEWS2017-No.7 Time: December 5 to 8, 2017 Place: Macau, China Event: Mr. Deen Bai paid a visit to attend the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (IEEE-ROBIO 2017) at the Hotel of Parisian Macao in Macau, China. The paper—Experimental Investigation on Drilling Efficiency of a Percussive Ultrasonic Drill—has been accepted for oral presentation. Mr. Deen Bai gave an oral presentation regarding his ongoing research. The ROBIO 2017 attracted many researchers around the world […]

12 Dec 17 Deen Bai

Yuntao’s PhD graduation

ID: NEWS2017-No.6 Time: October 26, 2017 Place: Harbin, China Event: Yuntao Li, a member of the AMT, has been awarded the Ph.D. successfully. The title of his dissertation is “Analysis and experimental study of dynamic characteristics of air rudder transmission mechanism.” During the period of pursuing the Ph.D., he has published several papers in journals and international conferences, such as Advances in Mechanical Engineering, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, Journal of Harbin Engineering University. […]

29 Oct 17 Deen Bai

AMT founded

ID: NEWS2017-No.5 Time: September 20, 2017 Place: Harbin, China Event: As an important part of Research Center of Aerospace Mechanism and Control (RCAMC), the Aerospace Mechanism Testing (AMT) laboratory is founded on September 20, 2017. It is a new start. Our research focuses on the testing technologies for various aerospace mechanisms. A new domain “” which is now being registered will replace the old one “”. Furthermore, a new logo for AMT is designed jointly […]

20 Sep 17 Qiquan Quan


ID: NEWS2017-No.4 Time: September 6 to 9, 2017 Place: Washington, D.C., USA Event: Dr. Quan, together with Mr. He Li and Mr. Deen Bai, paid a visit to attend the 2017 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS 2017). This international conference took place in Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D.C. The paper—Development of a Rotary-Percussive Ultrasonic Drill for Extraterrestrial Rock Sampling—has been accepted for poster presentation during the IUS 2017. Moreover, another paper—Development of a Novel Noncontact Ultrasonic Bearing Actuated by […]

18 Sep 17 Deen Bai


ID: NEWS2017-No.3 Time: July 2, 2017 Place: Harbin, China Event: Shuitian Chen, Yafei Deng, Yubao Cao, and Wenshi Guo, the undergraduates of RCAMC502, worked hard and managed to pass their thesis defenses. Shuitian Chen and Yubao Cao will pursue their master’s degrees in RCAMC502, and Yafei Deng and Wenshi Guo will study for their master’s degrees at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Yuxiang Hua and Dan Wang completed their master’s dissertations and successfully passed the defense for master degree. […]

13 Jul 17 He Li

A Visit of Yawen and Haimo

ID: NEWS2017-No.2 Time: March 31, 2017 Place: Harbin, China Event: Yawen Chen and Haimo Xiao visited RCAMC502. They are excellent graduates of Dr. Quan. Yawen Chen graduated from RCAMC502 in July 2015 and received her master of science degree from Imperial College in October 2016. She now is the core team member in XenoDynamics. Yawen Chen made a speech on learning and life experiences in England. Her speech is interesting and broadens our horizon. Haimo Xiao […]

05 Apr 17 Bo Wang

IROS 2017 Associate Editor

ID: NEWS2017-No.1 Time: February 28, 2017 Place: Harbin, China Event: Dr. Quan is invited to serve as Associate Editor for IROS 2017 (the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems). Prof. Shugen Ma is an editor of IROS 2017, who will handle the papers with keywords, Biologically-Inspired Robots, Biomimetics, Climbing Robots, Legged Robots, Nonholonomic Mechanisms and Systems, Passive Walking, Robotics in Construction, Robotics in Hazardous Fields, Search and Rescue Robots. Information for IROS Associate Editors […]

28 Feb 17 Qiquan Quan


ID: NEWS2016-No.11 Time: December 30, 2016 Place: Harbin, China Event: Mr. Senjing Zheng visited RCAMC502 and made a speech on learning and life experiences in University of Birmingham for all the RCAMC502 members. Mr. Senjing Zheng graduated from RCAMC502 in July 2015 and received the master degree of science from University of Birmingham in December 2016. He decided to pursue his Ph.D. in University of Birmingham. Dr. Qiquan Quan hopes that he can get his Ph.D. successfully and […]

31 Dec 16 He Li


ID: NEWS2016-No.10 Time: December 3 to 7, 2016 Place: Qingdao, China Event: Mr. Junyue Tang, together with Prof. Quan, paid a visit to attend the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO 2016) and gave a brief presentation about his current research. As the registration chair, Prof. Quan also took responsibility for all registration affairs. During the conference, they had many nice talks with colleagues in robotics and made a group photo with […]

22 Dec 16 He Li

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04 Dec 16 Pengyue Zhao


ID: NEWS2016-No.9 Time: October 9 to 14, 2016 Place: Daejeon, Korea Event: Mr. Yinchao Wang attended the 2016 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2016) which was held in city of Daejeon, Korea, October 9 to 14.

15 Oct 16 Qiquan Quan


ID: NEWS2016-No.8 Time: September 24 to 29, 2016 Place: Munich, Germany; Toulouse, France Event: Dr. Quan paid a visit to Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, German Aerospace Cener (DLR), which is located in Munich on 26th September, together with Prof. Zongquan Deng, Prof. Rongqiang Liu, and Dr. Hongwei Guo. Dr. Zhaopeng Chen introduced the ongoing research on robotics to us in detail. After the visit, they attended the European Conference on Spacecraft Structures, Materials and Environmental Testing […]

01 Oct 16 Qiquan Quan

ROBIO 2016 PC meeting

ID: NEWS2016-No.7 Time: September 17 to 18, 2016 Place: Qingdao, China Event: Invited by Prof. Shugen Ma, Dr. Quan attended the program committee meeting of IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, which was held in the beautiful coastal city, Qingdao. All the accepted papers and the best paper finalists were decided at the meeting. ROBIO 2016 will be open in the near December.

19 Sep 16 Qiquan Quan


ID: NEWS2016-No.6 Time: August 7 to 10, 2016 Place: Harbin, China Event: The IEEE ICMA 2016 was held in Harbin during August 7 to 10. Mr. Yuntao Li attended this conference and gave a brief report entitled “A Model for Static Contact of Revolute Cylinder Based on Geometric Constraint and Elastic Half-Space Theory”.

11 Aug 16 Qiquan Quan

Farewell Party 2016

ID: NEWS2016-No.5 Time: July 3, 2016 Place: Harbin, China Event: On 3rd July, RCAMC502 held a farewell party for graduates of this year. All members of RCAMC502 wish them good luck in the future careers.

05 Jul 16 Qiquan Quan

Visit Ritsumeikan University

ID: NEWS2016-No.4 Time: May 12, 2016 Place: Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan Event: Prof. Zongquan Deng, Prof. Rongqiang Liu, Prof. Shengyuan Jiang, and Dr. Qiquan Quan visited the laboratory of Prof. Shugen Ma at Biwako-Campus of Ritsumeikan University.

13 May 16 Qiquan Quan

Dinner Party

ID: NEWS2016-No.3 Time: April 16, 2016 Place: Harbin, China Event: RCAMC502 held a dinner party in Lee’s Restaurant to welcome new members to join our research team. Our new members are Ms. Bo Wang (Secretary), Mr. Haishan Li (Mechanical Engineer), Mr. Shuitian Chen (Junior Student of HIT), and Mr. Yafei Deng (Junior Student of HIT).

18 Apr 16 Qiquan Quan

NDAF 2016

ID: NEWS2016-No.2 Time: April 7 to 9, 2016 Place: Wuhu, China Event: Mr. Yuntao Li and Mr. Deen Bai participated in 2016 National Doctoral Academic Forum (NDAF 2016) of Mechatronics Engineering in Wuhu during 7th to 9th April. They had an opportunity to visit Anhui EFORT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

10 Apr 16 Qiquan Quan

Quan’s Promotion

ID: NEWS2016-No.1 Time: January 11, 2016 Place: Harbin, China Event: Dr. Qiquan Quan successfully passed the defense held by department of human resources of HIT and is thus promoted to associate professor.

12 Jan 16 Qiquan Quan

Celebrating New Year 2016

ID: NEWS2015-No.9 Time: December 27, 2015 Place: Harbin, China Event: In Wuji Sauce Bone restaurant, all members of RCAMC502 gathered together to greet the arrival of new year 2016 and review the important events of the past 2015.  

29 Dec 15 Qiquan Quan

Visit Ryerson

ID: NEWS2015-No.8 Time: November 16 to 20, 2015 Place: Toronto, Canada Event: Accompanying the professors in our research center, Dr. Quan paid a short visit to Ryerson University at Toronto from Nov. 16 to Nov. 20. They discussed about the joint research of rescue robot control with Prof. Guangjun Liu in Control Systems and Robotics at Ryerson.

25 Nov 15 Qiquan Quan

2015 NIDays Conference

ID: NEWS2015-No.7 Time: November 12, 2015 Place: Shanghai, China Event: The 2015 NIDays Conference has been held at Shanghai International Convention Center, Shanghai on November 12th. Mr. Junyue Tang attended this conference and had a discussion with many experienced colleagues about their technical visions. Besides that, he visited an exhibition on online measurement and automation and listened a technical report about Internet of Things (IoT).

13 Nov 15 Qiquan Quan

Deep Space Exploration Conference

ID: NEWS2015-No.6 Time: August 15 to 16, 2015 Place: Harbin, China Event: The twelfth annual conference of deep space exploration was held in Harbin during August 15 to 16. Mr. Junyue Tang attended this conference and gave a brief report about his ongoing research. His paper was honored with “Best Paper Award”. Congratulations to him!

18 Aug 15 Qiquan Quan

Yawen’s award

ID: NEWS2015-No.5 Time: July, 2015 Place: Harbin, China Event: Through one year hard working in RCAMC502, Ms. Yawen Chen finished her thesis of “Development of a Starting Torque Test System for Precise Harmonic Drive” and got the bachelor degree successfully. Her thesis was also honored with “Best Paper Award” by HIT. Congratulations to her!

10 Jul 15 Qiquan Quan

Farewell Party 2015

ID: NEWS2015-No.4 Time: July 4, 2015 Place: Harbin, China Event: On 4th July, RCAMC502 held a farewell party for graduates. Although the distance between will space out us, may we remember our true friendship and blessing.

05 Jul 15 Qiquan Quan

FOOMA 2015

ID: NEWS2015-No.3 Time: June 6 to 11, 2015 Place: Tokyo, Japan Event: Dr. Quan took a visit alone to Tokyo for attending FOOMA2015. Large quantity of food processing machines were exhibited in FOOMA2015. Among these days, Dr. Quan also had a visit to Ma Lab in Kusatsu and climbed the Hieizan mountain near Lake Biwa.

12 Jun 15 Qiquan Quan

NDAF 2015

ID: NEWS2015-No.2 Time: April 9 to 12, 2015 Place: Wuhu, China Event: Mr. Junyue Tang gave a presentation at 2015 National Doctoral Academic Forum (NDAF) in Wuhu during 9th to 12th April. By the chance, sponsors arranged many interesting activities, such as local visits to a couple of domestic companies in CHERY, EFORT, etc. We believe it is an enjoyable experience for our Ph.D. candidates.

15 Apr 15 Qiquan Quan

Rits & Cherricube

ID: NEWS2015-No.1 Time: March 12, 2015 Place: RCAMC502, China Event: Dr. Yi Sun, a senior researcher at biomimetic intelligent mechatronics laboratory of Ritsumeikan University, and Mr. Chuanguo Li, the founder of the Cherricube Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. visited our laboratory and gave us lectures.

15 Mar 15 Qiquan Quan

Celebrating New Year 2015

ID: NEWS2014-No.4 Time: December 28, 2014 Place: Harbin, China Event: Through one year hard work, every member of RCAMC502 has made considerable progress. To celebrate new year’s coming, RCAMC502 holds a banquet in Hawaii restaurant (Harbin) on December 28th. Best wishes for a wonderful new year!

30 Dec 14 Qiquan Quan

CSA 2014

ID: NEWS2014-No.3 Time: October 14 to 15, 2014 Place: Beijing, China Event: Mr. He Li gave a presentation at 2014 CSA Academic Conference in Beijing during 14th to 15th October.

18 Oct 14 Qiquan Quan


ID: NEWS2014-No.2 Time: September 14 to 18, 2014 Place: Chicago, USA Event: Dr. Quan gave a presentation at IROS 2014 held in Chicago during 14th to 18th September. Title: A Real-Time Recognition Based Drilling Strategy for Lunar Exploration. Authors: Qiquan Quan, Junyue Tang, et al.

20 Sep 14 Qiquan Quan


ID: NEWS2014-No.1 Time: July 26 to 31, 2014 Place: Hulun Buir, China Event: Mr. Chongbin Chen gave a presentation at ICIA 2014 held in Hulun Buir during 26th to 31th July. Title: ANFIS-Based Control Strategy for a Drilling and Coring Device in Lunar Exploration. Authors: Chongbin Chen, Qiquan Quan, et al. Mr. Chen received a best paper finalist of this conference.

08 Aug 14 Qiquan Quan


ID: NEWS2013-No.2 Time: December 12 to 14, 2013 Place: Shenzhen, China Event: Dr. Quan, Mr. Xiaomeng Shi, Mr. Yinchao Wang, Mr. He Li with other laboratory members attended ROBIO 2013 held in Shenzhen during 12th to 14th December. There are four papers published on this conference.

18 Dec 13 Qiquan Quan


ID: NEWS2013-No.1 Time: August 26 to 28, 2013 Place: Yinchuan, China Event: Mr. Junyue Tang gave a presentation at ICIA 2013 held in Yinchuan during 26th to 28th August. Title: Control System for a Drilling & Coring Device in Lunar Exploration. Authors: Qiquan Quan, Junyue Tang, et al.

30 Aug 13 Qiquan Quan