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Designer-in-chief of Tianwen-1 Zezhou Sun and his team visit our research center

21 Feb 23
Kaijie Zhu
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ID: NEWS2023-No.1

Time: February 19, 2023

Place: Harbin, China

Event: On February 19, 2023, Mr. Zezhou Sun, the designer-in-chief of Tianwen-1, Mr. Zhencai Li, the deputy commander, and Mr. Dong Pan, the designer, come to visit the Research Center of Aerospace Mechanism and Control at Harbin Institute of Technology.

Mr. Sun shares the arduous process and plans of the Tianwen-1 Mars mission. On behalf of the research team, Dr. Quan puts forward some assumptions on the second phase of the Mars sample return mission. Mr. Zongquan Deng, a Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and his research team conduct in-depth technical exchanges and discussions with Mr. Sun, Mr. Li, and Mr. Pan on the second phase of the Mars sample return mission.

This article is contributed by Qi Wu.


31 Dec 22
Kaijie Zhu
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ID: NEWS2022-No.13

Time: December 31, 2022

Place: Harbin

Event: The AMT Laboratory held an online year-end party at 2:00 pm on December 31. Yuheng Wang and Yuanxu Wu hosted the party. Kaijie Zhu read AMT’s 2022 annual report. In the “2022 Photography Contest”, teachers, students, engineers, and the research assistant voted online and selected excellent photographs: Bo Tang won both the Gold Medal and Bronze Medal, and Mengxue Li won the Silver Medal. Under the influence of COVID-19, the online year-end party warms everyone’s hearts to welcome the new year together.

This year’s year-end party is organized by Kaijie Zhu. This article is contributed by Kaijie Zhu.

Russian experts’ visit

10 Oct 19
Kaijie Zhu
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ID: NEWS2019-No.8

Time: September 25, 2019

Place: Harbin, China

Event: Three experts Khmelev, Barsukov, and Golykh from the Center of ultrasonic technologies, Ltd. Altay State Technical University, Russia, visited Research Center for Aerospace Mechanism and Control from September 25th to 28th, 2019. The experts were warmly received by Professor Zongquan Deng, who is an Academician of China Academy of Engineering, and Professor Hong Liu, who is a Vice-President of Harbin Institute of Technology. Dr. Qiquan Quan and Professor Dewei Tang led Russian experts to visit our laboratory and introduced the significant achievements in the field of moon, Mars and deep space exploration. The Ultrasonic Drilling Research Group of Aerospace Mechanism Testing laboratory and the Russian experts summarized the cooperation results of the ultrasonic drill research and conducted practical tests. In addition, both sides conducted in-depth discussions and reached consensus on the future cooperation in the field of ultrasonic drilling. Russian experts sincerely invite our researchers to go to Biysk for academic exchange in 2020.