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13 Jul 17
He Li
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ID: NEWS2017-No.3

TimeJuly 2, 2017

Place: Harbin, China

EventShuitian Chen, Yafei Deng, Yubao Cao, and Wenshi Guo, the undergraduates of RCAMC502, worked hard and managed to pass their thesis defenses. Shuitian Chen and Yubao Cao will pursue their master’s degrees in RCAMC502, and Yafei Deng and Wenshi Guo will study for their master’s degrees at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Yuxiang Hua and Dan Wang completed their master’s dissertations and successfully passed the defense for master degree. Yuxiang Hua will pursue his Ph.D. at the host university (HIT), and Dan Wang will join F.C.C of Japan in October 2017. On 2nd July, RCAMC502 held a celebration party for their graduation.