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10 Jul 19
Pengyue Zhao
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ID: NEWS2019-No.5

TimeJuly 06, 2019

Place: Harbin, China

EventYinchao Wang, Deen Bai, Shuitian Chen, Guoqing Wang, Jiongfeng Hu and Zheng Yang, the undergraduates of Aerospace Mechanism Testing Laboratory (AMT), worked hard and managed to pass their thesis defenses. Yinchao Wang finished his  thesis titled “Research on rotary percussive ultrasonic drill driven by single piezoelectric stack” and will join Shenyang Aerospace University, Deen Bai finished his thesis titled “Research on rotary percussive ultrasonic drill with bidirectional drive and its performance” and will join Wuxi Pilot Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Shuitian Chen finished his thesis titled “Lift-drag characteristics and experimental study on rotorcraft for Mars exploration” and joined SZ DJI Technology Co.,Ltd., Guoqing Wang finished his thesis titled “Development of an anchoring device for asteroid probe based on ultrasonic drilling” and joined China University of Mining and Technology, Jiongfeng Hu finished his thesis titled “Gas-driven Asteroid Regolith Sampling Device Base on Disk-shaped Cutter” and joined HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd., and Zheng Yang finished his thesis titled “Design and experimental study of an ultrasonic/sonic driller using single crystal piezoelectric ceramics” and will join CSIC 701 in July 2019. On 6th July, AMT held a celebration party at Shangju Dumpling cafeteria for their graduation.