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Two funds from NSFC

19 Aug 19
Pengyue Zhao
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ID: NEWS2019-No.7

Time: August 19, 2019

Place: Harbin, China

Event: AMT laboratory obtained two research funds from National Natural Science Foundation of China in August 2019. The first one is a Key Program titled “Research on Design Theory and Control Technology for Mars Rotorcraft” (Grant No. 51935005), which is in the charge of Prof. Dewei Tang. The second one is a General Program titled “Research on Actuating Mechanism of an Ultrasonic Driller Driven by Dual Energy Flows for Asteroid Anchoring” (Grant No. 51975139), which is in the charge of Dr. Qiquan Quan. In 2019, our university Harbin Institute of Technology only obtained a total of five Key Programs from National Natural Science Foundation of China. Obtaining the funding of the Key Program indicates that the preliminary research of Mars rotorcraft has been highly recognized by domestic counterparts. Thus, this success can greatly enhance the influence of our team. These two funds provide adequate funding for our research on Mars rotorcraft and asteroid anchoring and sampling.