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Training and exchange in CAST

10 Dec 19
Tongzhao Wang
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ID: NEWS2019-No.9

Time: October 14, 2019

Place: Beijing, China

Event: In the afternoon of October 14, 2019, invited by the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), Professor Zongquan Deng, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave the first talk of a series of academic exchanges for the Mechanical Systems Division of the Beijing Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering. Deputy Director Dayi Wang of the Beijing Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering, Director Tao Xiao and Party Secretary Xiao Li of the Mechanical Systems Division and middle-level cadres attended the seminar. The members of the Research Center for Aerospace Mechanism and Control who participated in the exchange seminar were Professor Shengyuan Jiang, Professor Rongqiang Liu, Professor Honghao Yue, Associate Professor Hongwei Guo, Associate Professor Qiquan Quan, Associate Professor Zhen Liu, and Senior Engineer Jianfeng Wang.