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Dr. Quan give a talk at the Baishiqiao Middle Auditorium of the CAST

17 Jul 21
Tongzhao Wang
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ID: NEWS2021-No.8

Time: July 17, 2021

Place: Beijing, China

Event: On July 15, at the invitation of the China Academy of Space Technology of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Dr. Qiquan Quan attends the “Asteroid Attachment and Sampling Institution Program Seminar” held in the Baishiqiao Middle Auditorium, and give a talk to share the asteroid anchoring program ideas and offer advice and suggestions for China’s first asteroid exploration mission.

The main content of the report is as follows: Dr. Quan first introduced the asteroid anchoring plan based on cross-drilling geometric force closure of ultrasonic drill, and reported the key technical research results of ultrasonic drill, including the development of ultrasonic drilling and anchoring principle prototype and ground test verification. Subsequently, the retractable claw-type anchoring scheme was introduced, including the development and ground experimental verification of the principle prototype. Finally, the two schemes were compared and analyzed.