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Celebrate Teacher’s Day and Mid-Autumn Festival

10 Sep 22
Tongzhao Wang
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ID: NEWS2022-No.5

Time: September 10, 2022

Place: Harbin, China

Event: September 10 is China’s 38th Teacher’s Day, which also coincides with the Chinese traditional festival—Mid-Autumn Festival. AMT laboratory’ students prepared greeting cards, hand-made gifts and short videos in advance to send blessings to the teachers when the festival comes.

At noon that day, the teacher and the students ate moon cakes, chatted about life and the future together in Room 208 of the laboratory. The scientific and rigorous laboratory was filled with a warm and happy atmosphere. The double festival celebrations gradually increased the friendship between teachers and students in the little bit of true feelings, and made ‘The peach and the plum do not speak, yet a path is born beneath them’ and ‘I hope that people will last forever, and thousands of miles will be together’ intertwined into a good wish.