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Ethernet communication between target PC and FPGA succeeds

27 Oct 22
Bo Tang
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ID: NEWS2022-No.8

Time: October 26, 2022

Place: Harbin, China

Event: The Real-Time control platform based on xPC Target is a semi physical simulation system for Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP), which has been used in AMT laboratory for a long time. NI’s PCI-6229 multi-function data acquisition card has always been an indispensable part of the target computer. We abandon the expensive data acquisition card in the target computer and adopt a low-cost ethernet network card to communicate with the external FPGA control board at high speed. At present, the communication loopback time between the target computer and the FPGA control board is at the level of 10-4 s, and thus the platform has high real-time response capability. AMT laboratory will further improve the relevant functions of this platform and apply it to the development of series products.

This work is completed by Hao Cai and Yuanxu Wu. This article is contributed by Hao Cai.