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Swashplate Attitude Adjusting Motors for MarsBird-IV Tested Successfully

17 Nov 22
Bo Tang
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ID: NEWS2022-No.11

Time: November 17, 2022

Place: Harbin, China

Event: MarsBird-IV is one of the serialized Mars rotorcraft prototypes developed by AMT laboratory. MarsBird-IV employs a parallel swashplate mechanism to realize its attitude control. At present, the prototype is developed and the test of the swashplate attitude adjusting motors is preliminarily completed. A FPGA control circuit drives the servos under the control of an xPC target computer and receives the commands with a delay in the range of 5×10–5 to 10–4 s. Experiments show that the angular position control accuracy of servos is ±0.06° so that the servos can reach the designated position quickly and accurately. AMT laboratory will further optimize the control algorithm to reduce the angular position oscillation and improve the control accuracy of the servos.


This work is completed by Yachao Dong and Hao Cai. This article is contributed by Yachao Dong.