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Celebrating new year 2021

03 Jan 21
Tongzhao Wang
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ID: NEWS2020-No.5

Time: December 31, 2020

Place: Harbin

Event: At 2:00 pm on December 31, the AMT Laboratory held the year-end party in Room K723, TIB. The party was hosted by Tongzhao Wang and Kaijie Zhu. The programs of the year-end party include AMT’s 2020 annual report; personal annual summary report made by students and engineers; a free speaking session by the teachers; a speech delivered by Professor Tang; the “AMT Laboratory Work Summary Report in 2020” made by Associate Professor Quan; “2020 Photography Contest”; “2020 Outstanding Summary” and “Reverse Command” game interaction. In the “2020 Photography Contest”, Tongzhao Wang won the Gold Medal, Xinqing Sun won the Silver Medal, and Tingzhang Wang won the Bronze Medal. In the “2020 Outstanding Summary”, Yixuan Lv won the Gold Medal, Kaijie Zhu and Qiuyang Deng won the Silver Medal, and Xin Ai, Tongzhao Wang, Tingting Liu and Zhijun Yu won the Bronze Medal. In the game session, Bo Tang won the gold award, Ju Liu won the silver award, Chuanjie Xu won the bronze award.