Rotary-Percussive Ultrasonic Drill

As a kind of smart material, piezoelectric ceramics show great advantages of working in a wide range of temperature. The ultrasonic drive is considered in the development of small drilling and coring device for deep space exploration. We proposed a kind of rotary-percussive ultrasonic drill which utilize only one piezoelectric ceramic stack to generate both rotary and percussive motions for the drill bit. The scope of this research consists of piezoelectric transducer optimization, analysis of vibration energy transmitting efficiency, and adaptability qualification of the piezoelectric transducer in harsh space environments.


Mars UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

Since there is a very thin atmosphere on the Mars, it is possible for a rotary-wing aerial vehicle to fly on Mars. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can be deployed to work with Mars rover so as to expand the exploration range of wheeled rover. The scope of this research covers simulating of Martian atmosphere, levitation-resistance characteristics of rotary wing, guidance control of UAV without GPS signal, system integration of Mars UAV.


SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Sensor

Surface acoustic wave (SAW) based component can be utilized to make wireless and batteryless sensors, such as pressure sensor, temperature sensor, torque gauge and so on. We try to apply these SAW-based sensors into structure health monitoring and dynamic testing of mechanisms in harsh environments, such as vacuum, high temperature, cryogenic. 

In someday, we will try to develop a smart unmanned aerial vehicle, which is equipped with a rotary-percussive ultrasonic drill and can monitor its health status by use of SAW sensors. This is our dream. The three branches of our research are not isolated items and constitute an integration. This is what we want to do—In-Orbit & On-Ground Testing of Aerospace Mechanism.

Student Recruitment

  • Undergraduate Student: 2~3 person(s) / year
  • Master Student: 2~3 person(s) / year
  • Doctoral Student: 1~2 person(s) / year